Airport Information Systems - FIDS


A full installation and implementation and planning service is available. Our experienced staff will draft plans and even project manage a customer’s site, leaving nothing to chance. Our range of services includes :-

  • Site surveys and installation planning
  • Installation of cabling
  • Data communications design and installation
  • A full range of training courses covering all aspects of the system use
  • Bespoke systems analysis program design and documentation

Customer Service

Our comprehensive service provides “peace of mind” based on our computerised fault resolution and response management system. Centralised management enables us to efficiently control resources and decide on the best course of action in each situation.

Each support request is logged and our experienced staff immediately set to identifying nature of any problem (whether hardware, software or network related). The service is fast and efficient, our expertise eliminates potential for conflicting opinions that are often associated with hardware and software suppliers.

The telephone “hot line or 24 hour email support” to our help desk ensures an immediate response for assistance. Whether the problem is reported by email, telephone or fax our team of technical experts are at your disposal.

Remote Diagnostics

Where necessary, our remote diagnostic service (RDS) enables our technicians to connect to a customer’s system via dial-up or VPN. Symptoms can be observed at first hand and discussed with the user thus greatly reducing the time taken to arrive at the correct diagnosis and clear the reported problem.


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