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Security Sentinel

With the advent of IATA’s 2D Barcode Resolution 722C/792 covering the use of PDF417 barcodes on boarding passes an ever increasing number of airlines are now allowing passengers to print their own boarding passes which allows them to bypass the normal check-in process and proceed directly to security.

The major benefit is to business travellers with only carry on luggage thus speeding up the check-in process and allowing this class of passenger to move more quickly through the airport.

All of the above means that the airport security staff require a system to thoroughly check the e-boarding passes to ensure the following:

  1. The point of origin is valid
  2. The flight number is valid
  3. The sequence number has not been used previously
  4. The seat number has not been used previously
  5. The date of the flight is the current day
  6. The door or gate is still open
  7. The flight has not been cancelled

AIS developed Security Sentinel to handle all of the above but also to handle the following:

  1. The ability to re-set a flight
  2. To handle flights and delayed flights around midnight
  3. Full audit and reporting

All of the above checks are paramount in controlling access to airside and is fundamental to the safe running of an airport.

The system displays an instant go or no go decision when the document is scanned. If a no go then the reason is also given.

This additional software ensures the maximum possible security with the minimum impact on passenger processing times and fully meets the UK DfT requirements.

Compatable with Gate Guardian.


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