Airport Information Systems - FIDS

Real Time Apron Management System

Information can be entered in either ICAO or IATA in local time or UTC.

  • Stand Allocation
  • Block On/Off (If not entered by the airline/handling agent)
  • First Bag Last Bag Times
  • Ground Services Supplied to the Aircraft
  • Entry of Fuel both Jet A1 and AVGAS
  • Entry of De-Icing Fluid

Allocation of stands by aircraft type can be displayed to ATC who can direct the aircraft to the correct stand/air-bridge without having to contact apron services by radio or telephone.

First and last bag times can be entered so that statistical information can be obtained against the published IATA unloading times. This can assist in the apron equipment and man power planning.

Ground services can be entered so that these items can be calculated and invoiced by the credit or cash aeronautical billing systems.

An interface can be provided to a specialist stand allocation system which assists in working out stand allocation. This can be a two-way interface; both entering and importing back updated stand allocation information.

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