Airport Information Systems - FIDS

Air Traffic Control Administration System (ATCAS)

In any air traffic environment data flowing in and out is normally via the AFTN. This comprises of flight plans and information on flights that the unit is handling, such as slot time requests, delays etc.
Typically, the required information can be entered in ICAO format and UTC and can contain the following information:

  • Aircraft Registration
  • Runway Used
  • Actual Time of Landing and Departure
  • Number of Circuits
  • Number and Type of Approaches
  • New Estimates of Arrival and Departure
  • New Flight Details

Aircraft registrations are required so that the aircraft type can be retrieved from the database and this information can be used for correct allocation of stands/air-bridges, aeronautical billing on weight of aircraft etc.

Runway used creates statistical information and assists with the planning of runway maintenance.

Actual time of landing and departure can be used for aeronautical billing of parking and can be used to trigger an update to the flight information status.

Number of circuits and approaches are used for aeronautical billing and statistical purposes.

ATC information can be used to create mandatory statistics required by some Government agencies such as the National Air Traffic Service (NATS) who use the information for planning purposes and in some cases for airspace planning and overflight billing.

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