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July 2021

Airport Information Systems (AIS) has completed an upgrade of City of Derry Airport’s Airport Management System to the latest version of their Flight Information Display System (FIDSnet) offering City of Derry Airport a very cost effective solution by using Android Smart Boxes as Display Controllers.

FIDSnet v3.0 provides City of Derry Airport with the following components:

  • Integrated FIDSnet Server
  • Logo Database
  • Screen Configurator
  • Display Client for Android Smart Boxes
  • Upload of Arrival and Departure Information to the Airport Website


Michael Edwards, ATS Manager CODA Operations Ltd commented:

City of Derry Airport are extremely satisfied with the installation and performance of the Airport Flight Information Display System, FIDSnet 3.0 upgrade. All the necessary works were efficiently completed within the specified timeframe without any negative impact on the day to day operations of the airport.

Rick Goold, AIS Managing Director commented:

AIS is pleased to have completed an important system upgrade for City of Derry Airport, improving the quality of all flight information displays throughout the airport providing passengers and airport staff with richer and clearer information.   


This City of Derry Airport upgrade adds another airport to AIS’ continuing catalogue of FIDSnet v3.0 customers together with Ireland West Airport Knock, Glasgow Prestwick International Airport and Humberside International Airport.

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