Information from any system is only as good as the data entered in.

Both printed and on screen reports are a vital management tool that can be used to improve working practices and to provide information that good business decisions can be made.

Typical reports are as follows: -

  • Timetable
  • Daily Mayfly
  • Load Factors and Income Reports by: -
    1. Airline
    2. Aircraft
    3. Registration
    4. Route
    5. Operator
  • Aircraft Movements - Hourly Activity
  • Passenger Movements - Hourly Activity
  • Traffic Distribution by Airline, Aircraft, Airport
  • This Year to Last Year Comparisons by: -
    1. Total Movements by Movement Type
    2. Percentage of Passengers by Operator
    3. Aircraft Movement by Operator
    4. Operator Within Route

Traffic Analysis Reports by: -

  • Total Traffic by Origin/Destination
  • Commercial & Regular by Origin/Destination
  • Total Traffic by Aircraft Category
  • Commercial Traffic by Airline
  • Commercial Traffic by Aircraft Type
  • Commercial Traffic by Major City
  • Average All Up Weight by Airline

A report writer is available to create individual reports in an Excel format for further analysis and graphing.