Airport Landing Dues Information System

ALDIS is the next generation of Airport Landing Dues Information System and is the successor to the market leading ALDIS software which has been installed in over twenty-five airports.

This software retains all of the functionally of the previous version. In addition it has added functionally that offers the user greater flexibility in airport management.

ALDIS is for the airport that wishes to take advantage of the latest technology and use a powerful and flexible management information system from the company that is the market leader in airport business systems.


  • Open system/Client Server Architecture
  • Windows look and feel
  • Industry standard networking, hardware and operating systems
  • ODBC compliant
  • I.C.A.O. and I.A.T.A. databases for airports, airlines, aircraft
  • Aeronautical Billing System
  • User profiles
  • Full access permissions
  • Drill down facilities
  • Powerful interactive validation routines
  • Nine levels of V.A.T. or sales tax
  • Multi-currency invoicing including the Euro
  • Charging engine
  • Target incentives
  • Range of discounts and surcharges
  • Invoicing process is an automatic function
  • Detailed audit facilities
  • Interface to a range of accounting systems
  • Range of statistical and accounting reports with export to modeling and graphical packages