Airport Flight Information Display System FIDS

This system is really the front end to an airport management system. It displays information to the public in a format selected by the airport. The displays are made up by information being entered or by interface or triggered from other systems.



The above shows a typical modern flight information display using Internet Explorer as the display medium and advance scrolling techniques. The user can set up multi-language messages by flight.

Using these advanced display techniques it allows code shared logos, flight numbers, multi-sector airports and dual language remarks to be displayed on the check-in, arrival, departure, departure gates or doors and baggage carousel displays.

Trigger or manual update of status messages.

Both arrival and departure information can be uploaded to airport web site.

Intranet enabled for displaying all flights with notepad facility throughout the airport for staff information.


AIS's Partners

It is now possible to trigger the public address system to make multi-lingual flight announcements at the same time as the displays are updating using the Aviavox system.

For the deaf community flight information can be displayed on the Deaf Alerter messaging system.

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FIDS - Flight information Display System